Trump’s Border Wall Going Up – Section Completed, And Wow, Look At The Difference!

President promised on the campaign trail that he was going to build a wall to protect our southern border.

Democrats have been opposed to the wall, instead wanting us to allow illegals, mostly of the criminal variety, to just waltz into our country.

Today is a new day. The construction of the wall has begun and one large section is complete.

From Conservative Tribune “A new 7-and-a-half mile long welded steel wall has been completed along the Mexican border in Naco, Arizona. While it’s only one piece of the extensive southern border, the construction was funded by a budget approved by none other than President Barack Obama.”

Thanks, Obama.

President Trump is “using the current bill to get his priorities moving and put it down,” Sean Spicer announced in a briefing earlier in the month.

He continued, “To answer the question: It is currently being built in Naco, Arizona; Sunland Park, New Mexico; and we are going to be starting to do this in San Diego; El Paso; and Rio Grande Valley.”

And now the first section is complete, and it looks very difficult to try to climb. They’ll definitely have a harder time climbing this steel constructed fence than before.

See what it looks like in this video:

President Trump is keeping the promise and getting the wall up, and the best part is that he is doing it with “last year’s fiscal budget, which was given the thumbs up by Obama.”

That kind of puts Democrats between a rock and a hard place because their beloved Barack approved it and they can’t complain.

Illegals will have a tough time getting over Trump’s fence because it has replaced the old chain link fencing that was used before that was easily climbable.

Americans made their choice when they elected Donald Trump president, and we want the wall up to secure our borders. We will all be much safer as soon as it’s complete.

It’s time to close the door to illegals coming here bringing drugs and crime to our country, and we will all be much safer as soon as it’s complete.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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