Boom: Company CLAPS Back at Starbucks Hiring Refugees…ANNIHILATED Them With Plan To…

Starbucks, it seems, is facing a wee tiny bit of backlash over its CEO’s recent announced intent to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years.

The coffee company made the announcement in the wake of President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, the one barring for a period of 90 days travelers from seven terror hot spot countries from entering the United States – the one banning this travel for safety reasons and not, as the far left paints, as a targeting of Muslims and their religion.

But soon, Starbucks, and especially the company’s money-counters, may regret that announcement.

Now another coffee company, seizing the day as it were, has announced it’s going to hire 10,000 people, too, over the next few years.

But this company, Black Rifle Coffee Company, is taking a more made-in-America type approach.

In a tweet, the coffee company tweeted a picture of U.S. military members below this text, as noted by Zero Hedge: “Black Rifle Coffee Vows to Hire 10,000 Veterans.”

Well, good for you, Black Rifle. It seems a switch in morning drive-throughs is in order, yes?

Starbucks has for far too long been on the cutting edge of all-things-liberal and hippie-like. The company has taken public political stands on guns and climate change, and under Barack Obama, that leftist slant may have resonated.

But the dawn of Trump’s administration has given rise to a new boldness from the right. And conservatives aren’t sitting idly by, helplessly watching as their country gets degraded into a socialist system.

Remember Chick-fil-A and the gay uprising at the CEO’s definition of marriage as a man and woman – and how Americans with belief in religious freedom and freedom of speech turned out in full force to support the noted Christian-based fast food place?

Well, get ready, Starbucks. You’re on the wrong side on this matter and it’s very, very likely the nation’s commuters and coffee drinkers will opt out of the liberal message this time and grab their daily cups of joe at Black Rifle – or, barring any of that business in the community, at 7-11, McDonald’s, Burger King or heck, even brew at home.


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Source: Zero Hedge