CONFIRMED: Results Of Study About Conservatives…You’ll LOVE This!

There are a lot of differences between liberals and conservatives, so much so that all sorts of studies have been conducted to figure out what they all are and why they occur. Well, a recent one has given us an answer to an age-old question most of us already knew was true— that conservatives are more physically attractive than liberals.

The fact is plain to see, just tune into one of the countless leftist news networks or Google a picture of any liberal commentator/writer, and on average, you will notice that the ugliness found inside liberals often manifests itself on their exterior as well.

As reported at Louder with Crowder, a study conducted by the Journal of Public Economics reached the conclusion that a candidate’s attractiveness does correlate with their politics.

During the first experiment, the researchers would show people photos of political candidates from Europe, the US, and Australia. They had them rate the candidates on a five-point scale, the results showing that conservative politicians throughout the Western world are more attractive than those on the Left.

The study also revealed that when there is little information about a candidate, Republican voters put more stock in appearance than Democrats, probably because we actually have some self-respect and expect others to as well. It also showed that when a voter knows a lot about the political candidates, they tend to vote based more on policy rather than looks.

The researchers provided a simple explanation saying:

“A more general psychological explanation could be that good-looking people are more likely to perceive the world as a just place, since they are treated better than others achieve higher status and are happier and a frequent reason for people to sympathize with the left is a perception of the world as unfair.”

While this most definitely is true to an extent, it may be a disservice to assume that just because someone is good-looking, they are unable to understand the plight of those who are sore on the eyes. As conservatives, we understand fully the reasons why liberals are so angry and hateful–their insecurity being a large driver of it. They should spend less time pushing fat-acceptance and shaming those who take care of their appearance and focus on fixing themselves. And maybe, just maybe the pursuit of becoming a more pleasant person will facilitate them becoming more attractive on the outside as well.

Source: Louder with Crowder