WOW: Conway To CNN’s Cooper…Really Lays Into Him Over ‘Fake News’ Story!

Since its release, all the media has talked about is the preposterous Trump dossier that contains all sorts of childish, unverified claims of malfeasance. The Left has done its best to ensure people believe that the report is true without directly coming out and saying it.

As reported at Western Journalism, Trump’s White House advisor KellyAnne Conway, previously his campaign manager, went toe to toe with CNN’s Anderson Cooper over the networks release of its own deceptive report to coincide with Buzzfeed’s release of the full fabricated document.

CNN went first yesterday and BuzzFeed went second,” Conway said to Cooper, which is the same sentiment Trump expressed at his Wednesday press conference. Conway pointed out that while CNN did not publish the 35-page report, they falsely claimed that Trump had been briefed about it, something Trump fiercely denies.

The full exchange:

She pointed out two facts to bolster her argument:

First, she pointed to a headline and story that CNN ran on Tuesday, “Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him,” the headline read. The story directly referenced the Buzzfeed story released the same night. To this indisputable evidence, the leftist Cooper incredulously said, “We’re not linking to the BuzzFeed report.” This, despite the fact it’s all right there on the web for anyone to see. More liberal media just reporting lies and betting on people not investigating for themselves.

Th further drive home her point, Conway tweeted out the story from CNN’s own website, highlighting the section where they did, in fact, reference the Buzzfeed story they tried to distance themselves from.

The second piece of evidence she pointed to was the actual substance of the CNN story, and how it insinuated that Trump had been briefed by intelligence officials on the existence of the bogus report.

To this she asked Cooper how CNN could have known this unless they were in the room when this supposed briefing happened. Reince Priebus, Trump’s chief of staff, said that he was never in any meeting that mentioned the fictitious document. CNN has said, well, we have sources, man!

Why run a story based on anonymous sourcing that has now been rebutted about a two-page appendix that may not be true?” Conway asked the Clinton News Network.

Finally, Conway pointed out that many “less respectable” leftist news outfits refused to publish the report due to them being unable to verify its contents, so why would CNN treat the report as credible? We know the answer. Their entire mission is to destroy Trump and they will stop at nothing to do so. They have declared war on truth and absconded from any and all journalistic ethics, as to the Left, the ends justify the mean. No tactic is too underhanded. The press has always been unbearable leftist, but even now, they are showing themselves to be full-blown partisan hacks. We can expect much, much more of this in the days ahead. The best response is not to back down and call them out whenever they try and shove fake news down our throats. Thankfully, Trump has already shown he is more than willing to hold the press accountable for their lies.

Source: Western Journalism