Could Obama Really Come Back? Liberals Think They’ve Found A Way To Make It Happen

It’s been half a year since Trump took over as president, yet it seems liberals are still refusing to accept this new reality.

Never ones to settle when things don’t go their way, the Left has been busy subverting the Trump administration with a litany of lies and manufactured scandals.

Democrats in Congress have even initiated the impeachment process, despite there being no basis to do so. In short, liberals are acting like children, which isn’t really new.

However, their tantrums are getting so extreme they’re beginning to tear at the fabric of our democracy, as it seems they’re willing to do anything to get their way politically.

Highlighting this pathetic behavior is last week’s sad attempt to slight Trump while revealing the size of the support Obama still maintains.

As reported at Conservative Tribune, on Wednesday, liberals put together #BringBackObama and #ThankYouObama hashtags, as they reminisced about the disastrous 8 years of Obama’s failed presidency.

My #WednesdayWisdom comes from Pres Obama: 

He’s a leader who wanted to unite us as a nation and we should never expect less #BringBackObama,” opined one liberal.

Miss them so much!  ,” tweeted another leftist, with several photos of Obama and his family attached.

Interesting how attached to the former First Family these morons supposedly are, despite the fact they’ve never met and rarely saw them in the press over the years.

If only they showed this kind of love for unborn children…

Like most left-wing Twitter campaigns, this #BringBackObama charade was quickly co-opted by conservatives delivering a much needed dose of reality to these liberal sycophants.

Over and over again, the failures of Obama’s presidency were pointed out to the glassy-eyed cultists that worship him.

Before long, the hashtag, and liberals’ hopes, fizzled out.

For folks to be crying out for Barack to save them proves just how powerful the media’s propaganda is. The guy destroyed everything he touched, yet he’s revered on a George Washington level.

But no matter how much the Left sings his praises in the present, history will tell the whole, disgraceful truth about Obama’s presidency.

Source: Conservative Tribune