SHOCK! There’s Something Different About Fox News, Did You Notice This?

Over the last year, FOX News has had their reporting backward.

All too often they have been the subject of news reports rather than telling the news.

It started with allegations and a lawsuit by former FOX News host Gretchen Carlson that she had been sexually harassed by Roger Ailes.

Since that time, FOX News has experienced quite an exodus.

High profile hosts Greta van Susteren and Megyn Kelly both left the network.

Now another sexual harassment scandal is taking top host Bill O’Reilly off the air.

According to Right Wing News, current head of the network James Murdoch is destroying the media outlet that his father Rupert Murdoch successfully built into the top-rated cable news network.

The junior Murdoch reportedly called the people at FOX Newsthuggish Neanderthals, said he should not be in this business and said that he was embarrassed by the company he runs.

Such comments, Right Wing News argues, make Murdoch sound like a flaming liberal and asnowflake.”

Murdoch recently said during an interview that FOX [News] is an important brand, but it needs to develop, and, to some extent, be reformed.”

Some media pundits are taking that comment as an admission by Murdoch that he seeks to take the company in a more left-leaning direction.

Right Wing News argues that such a move would be scooting the network away from high-paying profits.

Murdoch argued that the network needs to move toward “a new generation of corporate responsibility” where profits are not as important as the message being delivered.

His father is reportedly watching in “disbelief” as his son takes the company he built down this path.

If these political pundits are correct, then the liberal cable news club will soon have yet another liberal network to call their own.

Conservative voices at FOX News, such as Sean Hannity, would likely be limited or even removed altogether.

The result would be a total absence of conservative opinions, ideas, and values on major television news outlets.

For now, we will have to take a wait and see approach as we watch Murdoch’s end game play out.

Thankfully, conservatives have led the charge to find alternative media outlets such as radio talk shows and many high-quality conservative internet sources.

Source: Right Wing News