HERE’S HOPING! How Trump Could ‘Drain the Swamp’…Without Even Trying!

Donald Trump rode a wave of support to the White House that was wrapped in a rhetoric of making America great again and draining the swamp in Washington, D.C.

So now that he’s headed to the high office, his supporters – and his ever-present naysayers, of course – want to know: How’s he going to do that?

Or, more importantly, they want the reassurance that he’s not going to enter the White House and forget all about his campaign promises.

But according to the results of one poll from, the promise to “drain the swamp,” as well as the message to “Make America Great Again,” may just occur naturally, without Trump even having to make a concerted effort. What do I mean?

Well, read this, from Twitchy, citing the Washington Examiner: “According to a new poll conducted by and the independent Government Business Council, 28 percent of federal workers say they are or at least might be ‘considering leaving the federal service’ because of Donald Trump‘s election.”

In other words: The government might downsize on its own, without Trump taking any action. Isn’t that step one of “Making America Great Again?” Doesn’t that qualify for “draining the swamp” of Big Government? Both vows are tied to the idea of a limited government, a smaller bureaucracy, a curbed and restrained federal force. So if government workers want to leave their jobs just by the simple fact that Trump is taking over the White House, and they can’t stand Trump and his politics, then letting them go without argument is just a checkmark on the list of things to do to make America great again. This is great politicking – to have a message that’s so believable that people act on it before it’s even effected via policy. We saw that with Trump and his call to business to stay in-country, else face punitive import fees and taxes when they try to produce their products at overseas spots yet sell them at outrageous costs back to Americans. And now, it seems, we’re seeing this with the whole government bloat problem: Federal employees are giving up their jobs, willingly, because of Trump’s promised reforms, and in so doing, contributing to the less government mantra that is going to realize both “drain the swamp” and “Make America Great Again” vows Trump promised on the campaign trail and after winning the election. Well done, Trump. You hadn’t even taken office and the reforms you promised were already being fulfilled.

Source: Twitchy