Hilarious: Don’t MESS With Texas…Cruz DESTROYS Libs With One Shot!

Although Gawker went belly-up months ago, their websites are still live after being bought by Univision.

One of their former sites, Deadspin, which was a sports blog, decided to throw a few jabs at Ted Cruz last night, and it got interesting.

It all started when Deadspin made reference to a story by Politico about Cruz trying to ‘reinvent his role in Washington’.

In the article, it was stated that “Part of that effort is a “weekly basketball game” that the former presidential candidate has started in a Senate office building, with Politico reporting that “Cruz is said to be a surprisingly good jump-shooter with miserable form.” this, from Washington Post. Innocent enough, right?

Well, after that, Deadspin sent this provoking Tweet:

That’s right, they asked for proof of Cruz playing basketball. With that, Ted Cruz himself joined the conversation by posting this picture and asking ‘what do I win?’:

“Shortly after Sen. Ted Cruz responded Tuesday to a Deadspin tweet by making light of his uncanny resemblance to Grayson Allen, the website shot back in terse — and highly vulgar — fashion. (Eat $h*t!)” 

Cruz, having too much fun to let it go, responded with this little gem of Will Ferrell as the Anchorman:


The internet went crazy over the exchange, declaring Cruz the winner of that exchange. One follower even chimed in with a Wiki page that they edited:

Add to that kicker, was a repost of our own Commander-in-Chief’s old post about Deadspin before going bankrupt stating:

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. In the midst of so many serious matters every day, it’s nice to have a little chuckle once in a while.

Source: Allen B West