BREAKING: Corporate Giant Just Slaps $450 Billion SURPRISE on America….Trump Wins Again!

Trump has only been in office for two weeks and already his pro-business attitude is attracting investment from all over the world.

The election of Donald Trump has had a dramatic effect on how companies view business opportunities in the US. In the period between the election and inauguration, Trump was already meeting with CEO’s and business people, securing deals and receiving promises for more down the line.

GM announced $1 billion in new investment, promising to bring a factory to Michigan from Mexico. Another car company, Hyundai, pledged $3 billion that will go towards factories in Georgia and Alabama. Carrier and Ford reversed their plans to ship factories overseas, opting instead to remain in the US.

One of the biggest wins has been Softbank’s promise to inject $50 billion into the US, which is expected to create 50,000 jobs. While this is only a single Japanese company, the nation’s government is gearing up to heavily invest in the US.

As reported at the Political Insider, the so-called “Japan-U.S. growth and employment initiative,” is expected to be announced when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe heads to the White House on February 10. The enormous plan includes $450 billion in expected market growth from new investments, which should create around 700,000 jobs.

The Japanese investments will target infrastructure development, and also robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber, space, and defense projects in the US. Some of the plans include high-speed rail initiatives, upgrades to our decaying transportation infrastructure, and many other high-tech programs.

Currently, the Japanese enjoy a $60 billion trade surplus with the US. But this new investment plan, along with Japan’s intention to increase energy imports from the US, means that gap will likely be closing significantly in the near future.

Trump has been attracting all sorts of investment from Asia. Alibaba, one of China’s largest companies, has also jumped on the bandwagon, promising to create a million new jobs in the US with their investments alone.

Americans are starved for work and they made their displeasure known with their rejection of the crony Hillary Clinton on election night. People have flocked to Trump because they are desperate to get back to work, to see their communities revitalized with life-giving factories. “America first” is our new mantra, and it is this attitude that will keep this nascent winning streak alive for years to come.


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Source: The Political Insider