Former NK Prisoner Exposes Jong-un’s SICKENING Prison System 

As tensions rise in Asia over the growing North Korean threat, the lengths that the country’s president, Kim Jong Un, will go to in his quest to maintain control are becoming more extreme.

Kim is already known to have killed those who oppose him, even within his own family. He lives in the lap of luxury while his people go without electricity and sufficient food.

Yet he and his regime continue to brainwash the North Korean people into thinking that he is worthy of being worshiped.

According to the Conservative Tribune, the horrors of those who have opposed Kim are beyond belief.

A former North Korean prison from Canada recently spoke with Newsmax and shared details he learned from an American prisoner during his time in captivity.

James Leigh was detained by North Korean officials upon his arrival in the country on April 22 after being invited by North Korea to speak at the country’s Military Foundation Day.

He was detained for two and a half days.

In the cell adjacent to Leigh’s was Tony Kim, an American professor from the University of Science and Technology. He was arrested for acts of hostility” toward the regime.

Kim shared that he was regularly beaten and interrogated by his captors.

He told Leah that there were countless other foreign nationals secretly in custody. The locals reportedly call the facility where those people are held “the house of people with no name.

“He was pretty specific about that, Leigh said of Kim.

“He knew about that. That was something he really wanted me to know. There were Americans and Europeans. He was pretty specific because that was probably where he was going.”

He says there are a lot more Americans than we know about being held, Leigh continued.

Leigh argued that it would be easy for North Korea to detain and imprison Americans. Many are already living in Asian countries, and their disappearances would be difficult to trace.

The Conservative Tribune reports that there are currently four known US citizens imprisoned in North Korea. Tony Kim is among those four.

The atrocities known to have been committed by Kim Jong Un and his henchmen must be stopped. This is a madman who would destroy the West if he were to obtain nuclear weapons.

Americans currently held in North Korean prisons must receive their due process. Until then, we must continue to pray for the safety of all who are wrongly imprisoned within the regime.

Source: Conservative Tribune