Pelosi Caught COACHING Congressman…On HOT Mic Whispers ‘Tell ‘Em You’re A…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s voice has been silenced somewhat by the Republican take-over of Congress and, now, most recently, of the White House as well.

She used to be a daily presence on the press trail, most notably while pushing Obamacare and reminding the public of the importance of passing the then-bill so we could all then get a look at what it entailed by reading it.

But those were the good ‘ol days of Democrat control in Congress. Now, Pelosi only pops here and there, standing in the background in one photo, strutting through the House floor in another. So it’s with curiosity, then, we tune into her recent appearance on the press podium with another Democratic member of Congress.

And what she was caught saying on a hot mic moment is certainly eyebrow raising.

Here’s the quick backstory, from Zero Hedge: “In response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration, Pelosi trotskied out Indiana Congressman Andre Carson to give an impassioned speech about diversity. After she introduced Carson as a ‘Muslim member of congress,’ ol ‘Nancy wanted to make extra sure that his religious credentials were prominently displayed – which Carson promptly parroted. Oh, and he used to be a police officer!”

The hot mic moment was Pelosi’s frenzied insistence he “tell ’em you’re a Muslim.” But the even more eyebrow-raising moment was when it’s learned that Carson’s so-called cop experience came from his job title as an “excise officer.” You know – the guy who runs around making sure local businesses pay their fair share of taxes?

Pelosi’s absence from daily press briefings hasn’t resulted in any type of inward pondering and reflection that leads to character change, apparently. She’s still the same political beast she was while Obamacare was a matter of debate and discussion – one that advances political agenda no matter the costs to people and no matter how truthful or non-truthful the rhetoric she advances really is. Pelosi’s a tool – a political tool. Pure and simple.

Source: Zero Hedge