MEDIA MELTDOWN! Bibi Visits Trump…LEVELS Reporter Looking For A Fight!

We’re all well aware that our relationship with Israel suffered tremendously during the long eight years of Obama being in the White House.

As you may remember, Obama sent a $221 million right before leaving office and without letting anyone know about it. Trump put a stop on it as soon as he was sworn in.

Since then, President Trump has done a great job of smoothing the feathers of Israel and getting everything back on track.

The relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to be quite incredible in the short period that he has been in office.

But the media being the media, they are calling President Trump anti-semitic.

This is just unbelievable!

On top of the forming a great relationship with Israel, did they also forget that his daughter is raising his grandchildren Jewish, which he has absolutely no problem with?

Another little tidbit here for mainstream media. Netanyahu himself made a declaration yesterday during a press conference aside Trump.

He said, “There is no greater support of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than president Donald Trump,” following with, “I think we should put that to rest.” as reported by Right Wing News.


That needed to be said, and by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

That should shut them up – but it won’t.

Liberals and mainstream media blame President Trump for everything and put a lot of labels on him too. No, he’s not anti-semitic, not xenophobic, not a misogynist, etc.

Most of all he isn’t to blame for the messes that Barack Obama created in the eight years he was in office.

Source: Right Wing News


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