Boom! Look At This MAGNIFICENT New Food Stamps Requirement…Liberals Are FURIOUS!

Food stamp fraud is running rampant throughout the country.

As we previously reported, there was a big bust in Baltimore for people committing food stamp fraud, and then ended up getting $16 MILLION while putting the screws to the government, and us.

In Ohio, the State Auditor, David Yost, found that they found issues in their  $2.5 billion program that makes the program an easy target for fraud. For starters, It’s just horrible to have fraud linked with any part of the welfare system. Unfortunately, it’s become a sad reality.

The suggestion on how to fix the issue of people selling their EBT cards is with one single action, and it’s genius. Of course, the Liberals heads are exploding.

The fix is to add the recipient’s photo on their EBT card.

Of course, the Liberals even have an issue with requiring photo ID for voting, so you can imagine their response to this action.

From USA Newsflash

“Lisa Hamlet-Fugitt who is the snowflake executive director of OH association of Food Banks has claimed that this legislative move is highly unnecessary and that those who need benefits will feel bullied or intimidated by these new requirements.”

Seriously? They’ll get butt-hurt over having to have their photo on their cards? Too bad! If they want the benefits they’ll have to comply or NO BENEFITS!

Better yet, how about trying to get a job if they are able to work. Being on welfare should not be a career…it’s temporary assistance, and not there to support anyone for a long period of time who is able bodied. And food stamps are definitely not for them to illegally sell for pennies on the dollar under the table to use for what we’re sure is also criminal.

This sounds like a perfect plan to ending fraud, at least a big chunk of it, and his should be implemented all over the country.

Source: USA Newsflash

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