U.S. Warns North Korea After Latest Missile Test – But Would You Support A War?

Ever since Trump took office, North Korea’s oppressive and hefty leader Kim Jong Un has been strutting his stuff in an attempt to intimidate the new president.

Kim has drastically increased the number of weapons tests and has started talking a lot more trash.

It’s not too surprising, seeing how he’s trying to get a feel for Trump, but the problem is, Kim doesn’t seem to grasp that Trump is no Obama.

Unlike the failure-in-chief, Trump isn’t going to sit back and let Kim terrorize the region with nuclear threats, which is exactly what the administration reiterated after North Korea’s latest provocative missile test.

As reported at Fox News, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vowed Tuesday that the US would “never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea” while US and South Korean forces held joint ballistic missile drills in the aftermath of North Korea’s successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Tillerson also called for all nations to fully implement United Nations sanctions against North Korea, saying “global action is required to stop a global threat.”

The US military has since conducted a “precision firing” test of their own off the Korean Peninsula, showing Kim that even though his communist hell-hole can now launch an ICBM, the US has the ability to shoot it down.

Pentagon spokesman Dana White also condemned the missile test and reiterated that, “we remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies and to use the full range of capabilities at our disposal against the growing threat from North Korea.”

The missile was reportedly launched from a mobile launcher, which will make tracking and destroying the missile much more difficult.

This is the big story we have all been waiting for,” Professor Bruce Bechtol of Angelo State, a long-time North Korea watcher.

All of the paradigms have changed. It is now time to see what action the USA will take.”

Bechtol added that the mobile launcher “nearly destroys our warning time and also means that the North Koreans have a real shot at launching this system at us without us being able to destroy it on the ground.”

Shortly after news of the test broke Monday night, Trump tweeted:

North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?

Hard to believe that South Korea and Japan will put up with this much longer. Perhaps China will put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all!

The US has been pressuring China, who has the closest relations with North Korea in the world, to reign in Kim, but not a whole lot has been done.

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However, the Chinese may be forced to act soon, because Kim’s tests and rhetoric have caused the US to build up more forces in the region, something that China abhors.

The US will need China’s help to get Kim under control. The only question is, how long will the Chinese tolerate Kim putting their own nation at risk by inviting US pressure in the region…?

Something drastic will need to happen soon, or else the North Koreans will perfect their ICBM and nuclear technologies, which will permanently solidify their ability to deter any action against them.

Source: Fox News