North Korea Reveals New American Target—200 Million Americans In Crosshairs

For quite a long time, we’ve been hearing about North Korea’s saber-rattling.

They have been promising to attack the United States and our allies. They want to wage a war that will surely result in their own, complete, destruction.

But while in the past we could ignore their threats, there is a new challenge that just might mean ruin. For everyone.

From Conservative Tribune:

The Pyongyang regime’s most recent threat is one of its most disturbing to date. North Korea’s state-run media claimed the country could kill millions of Americans by detonating an electro-magnetic pulse in the upper atmosphere over the United States, Fox News reported this week

In its most basic terms, an EMP is a burst of energy that wipes out almost all electronic devices. Cell phones, car batteries, power stations, pretty much anything that runs on electricity, would be permanently fried, or at the very least severely damaged.

North Korea could achieve this by detonating a hydrogen bomb in the atmosphere. Nuclear explosions result in EMPs, and the EMP from a high-attitude burst of a nuclear weapon would be devastating to the United States.

“The biggest danger would be shorting out of the power grid, especially on the East Coast. Imagine a situation where large sections of the U.S. had no power. Imagine New York or Washington, D.C., with no power for just a week. The implications would be hard to fathom,” Harry Kazianis, director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest.

“The casualty rates would be off the charts,” he added…

The government has long known about this threat, but very little has apparently been done about it. While it is unlikely that North Korea could actually pull something like this off, we should never discount the possibility.

The fact that North Korea is boasting this kind of thing openly, means it’s more likely empty words, rather than actions.

North Korea would have nothing to gain should they attack the United States in this way. Long before they could even get a plane over our country, we’d know about it. It would be destroyed before it could launch any kind of bomb.

But bragging about it on TV is only going to get North Korea into more trouble. Like the kid in class that talks about the bad things he’s going to do, North Korea is only inviting unwanted attention from the teacher. And a stern phone call to his mother.

How will the U.S. respond to this threat? Clearly action will be taken long before North Korea tries anything. Our intelligence agencies and military will have North Korea in a headlock before they can even spell EMP.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from an EMP:

But it’s enough for us to keep watching.

Source: Conservative Tribune