Shameful! Obama’s Greatest Failure…Our VETERANS Abandoned!

Obama has made a lot of promises over the years, most of which were not very good to begin with. Regardless of their efficacy, he has made a habit of breaking them, and while in many cases that has been good for America, his latest unsuccessful pledge is something folks on both sides of the aisle should strive to turn into a success.

Helping our veterans has always been something every American can get behind. Obama had initially promised to tackle the issue of homelessness amongst our veterans, claiming that it would be ended altogether by the time he left office, but according to the data, there is still a ways to go for this goal to be realized.

As reported at Townhall, while Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, and 35 other communities have met the goal, advocates say there is much room for improvement and the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs said Thursday that within a few years “we should be there.”

Despite not meeting the goal entirely, the program has done a lot of good. “It has been the best kind of failure I’ve experienced. It’s black and white. Did we reach it? No. Did we succeed in the broader effort? Will we end veteran homelessness because of this national push? Yeah,” said Chris Ko, director of homeless initiatives for the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

The program began in 2010, with the goal of ending veteran homelessness by 2015. Big dents have been made throughout the US, and advocates hope that the issue will be resolved in the coming years. For example, in New Mexico, they reduced their number of homeless veterans from 1000 to just 115.

The most important thing we’ve learned in the last couple of years is we can make veteran homelessness almost completely go away,” said Hank Hughes at the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness.

This is an issue that should be devoid of partisan bickering. Providing for and taking care of the men and women that have served this nation should be a very high priority. It is a terrible failure for our veterans to find themselves homeless and without support, and while this program is lagging behind its goal, it should be continued and supported by everyone. Obama has given us a lot to be upset about, but this initiated is one of the few respectable highlights of his tumultuous presidency, and for that, some credit is due.

Source: Townhall