Obama’s Army SURGES…GROOMING Hardcore RADICAL To Run Against Trump!

When a president leaves office, there is always a certain level of speculation about how he will spend his time.

Some former presidents have simply retired and stayed out of the limelight. Others have pursued philanthropic endeavors.

As President Obama left office nearly one month ago, we all knew that he would be different.

For one thing, his family did not even move out of Washington. They moved to a Washington suburb, the same one that Ivanka Trump and her husband moved to.

Purportedly this was so that their daughters could remain in the same school for a while longer. But many have speculated that Obama’s time in the public eye is far from over.

Mad World News reported that Obama is hard at work organizing the next phase of his public life. To begin with, Obama is grooming his replacement.

Tom Perez served as Obama’s labor secretary, and Obama is currently supporting his race to chair the Democratic National Committee.

Political pundits presume that Obama is planning to help Perez become the next DNC chair and then run for the presidency in 2020.

Politico reported that Perez has enough votes to win the DNC Chair.

Mad World News further speculates that if Perez can win the White House back that he would likelyappoint Obama to some high office.”

The New York Post also reported that through an organization called Organizing for Action, “Obama has already trained tens of thousands of organizers” to “hit Republicans at their town hall meetings coming up during the spring break.”

Interestingly, reports of such disturbances at Republican town hall meetings are all over the news.

Mad World News summarizes Obama’s actions. He “is building a powerhouse political machine.”

If successful, Obama will be leading this machine behind the scenes and will control agitators,” a presidential candidate of his choosing and big money donors through Organizing for Action. The result would be a political infrastructure sure to give President Trump a run for his money in 2020.

Source: Mad World News

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