Guess Who Wants To Be Next PRESIDENT…It’s NOT Who You THINK!

When President Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for the presidency, many people assumed it was a publicity stunt.

They saw the billionaire businessman and entertainer as an entertainer only and essentially blew him off.

As the primary season progressed and Trump’s campaign gained traction, many in the Republican Party began to see him as a serious candidate.

But even after he won the party’s nomination, liberals and the mainstream media refused to take him seriously.

Now that he has become our 45th President, Trump’s run for office is causing others to rethink their own political ambitions.

Yahoo reported that television icon Oprah Winfrey is considering her own possible run for the office now held by Trump.

Winfrey was interviewed by financier David Rubenstein in December in preparation for his television show that premiered this week on Bloomberg Television.

She reportedly said that she didn’t think she has “the necessary government experience to run the country but now she thinks differently.”

Witnessing Trump’s rise to political power has apparently led Winfrey to believe that she, too, could be successful at the highest office in the land.

Winfrey highlighted her “25 years hosting a syndicated talk show.”

She said the purpose of the show was to let people know that “we really are more alike than we are different.”

At this point, it is way too early to tell if Winfrey is serious or not.

The former Hillary Clinton supporter would no doubt face a slew of Democrats opposing her if she were to run in 2020.

Winfrey would also have to consider that her 25 years of television experience also provides 25 years of fodder for her Republican challengers to use against her.

Winfrey has become one of the most successful female entertainers of all time.

But that does not ensure her success politically.

She must still consider if she has the experience required to be a successful candidate.

Source: Yahoo

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