OUTRAGE! Historic Highway Name Changed, Southerners Going BALLISTIC!

Over the last several years, history has come under attack.

Liberals throughout the country attacked any remnant of the Confederacy.

No civilized person today believes that slavery is right.

But the heritage of the south is under attack if we try to eliminate the memory of anyone who remotely supported it.

We have all heard the stories of Confederate flags and portions of it removed from state flags and forbidden from flying over any public building.

We have seen memorials to Confederate soldiers removed or destroyed.

Now the word “Dixie” is on the chopping block.

For as long as Floridians can remember, the Old Dixie Highway has stretched through the state.

But the US Herald reports that that the Old Dixie Highway is ending, at least in one city.

Officials in Riviera Beach, Florida have renamed the historic Old Dixie Highway the President Barack Obama Highway.

The name is symbolic of racism, symbolic of the clan, symbolic of cross burnings and today we are stepping up to a new day, a new era,” said Riviera Beach’s mayor.

There is no reported connection between President Obama and Riviera Beach.

As such, it appears that this name change is symbolic only.

The only potential link comes with the name change and an event including President Obama shaking hands with Martin Luther King, Jr’s son.

Some residents are reportedly happy about the name change, but many are not.

Most residents seem to understand that a name change like this does nothing to heal any racial divides that exist in the community.

“A real sense of community only comes from a unified purpose and a combined desire to improve a situation or place,” said the US Herald.

Eliminating remnants of history that some people do not like does nothing to mitigate the negatives that occurred during that time.

Dixie is a term that those in the South equate not with the Civil War and slavery but of geography.

It goes along with southern hospitality and saying “y’all.”

So, y’all need to get over yourselves and remember all of history and not just the parts you like.

Source: US Herald

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