Do You Think Secretary Ben Carson Is Doing An Awesome Job?

Secretary Ben Carson has had his work cut out for him since becoming head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He has exposed at least three major situations that involved the misuse of taxpayer funds, and he is forcing the department to cut waste, shut down the scandals, and serve the American people.

On top of all of his hard work, he is being rewarded by the left in a horrendous way. They’ve now infiltrated his property and defaced it with anti-Trump rhetoric. And how does his respond? With grace and love, using the terribleness of the situation to encourage love between neighbors and space for healthy discourse.

So given the tumultuous few months that Secretary Carson has endured, would you say that he’s doing an awesome job holding HUD accountable and draining the swamp?

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Author: ACH Editor, American Conservative Herald