Should Trump Ban Sharia Courts In America?

Trump is fighting for America’s future on multiple fronts.

He is building a wall on the southern border to keep out dangerous character who seek to harm Americans.

He is fighting for a travel ban at the Supreme Court to properly vet any individuals who come from countries with terrorist hotbeds.

Now the Left is trying to make space to allow Muslims to practice Sharia Law in America under the guise of “freedom of religion.”

Imagine a court passing judgment against women for driving cars or appearing in public without wearing a hijab. Lashings, cutting off limbs, even beheadings.

Trump has not yet taken steps to ban Sharia Law, but Texas has taken the lead and shown him how it’s done.

CBN reports that the Lone Star State has barred “any foreign code of law, including sharia law, from the state’s courts, specifically in “family law cases.”

Should President Trump follow suit and ban Sharia Courts in America?

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Should Trump Ban Sharia Courts In America?

Created by Patriot Journal on Sep 18, 2017

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Source: CBN News