SPECIAL REPORT: Terror Attack In D.C. – Isn’t That News CNN?

The Clinton News Network is masterful in its ability to control the national news narrative and manipulate the public into believing lies.

For some reason, it’s considered the most “fair” of the big three news channels, despite being every bit as partisan as the communist outfit that is MSNBC.

But the reality is, their viewership is pretty terrible, despite the fact that a large portion of their views come from doctor’s offices and airports, which have their televisions set to CNN by default.

CNN excels in manufacturing controversies, but they’re also very good at burying stories that would be damaging to the liberal cause. Case in point being the latest potential terror attack on American soil, which for some reason isn’t even on their radar.

As reported at Mad World News, two Washington DC patrol officers riding bicycles, an employee of the District Department of Transportation, and two pedestrians were injured after a pickup truck hit them in downtown DC late last week.

One of the officers is listed in critical condition at an area hospital, while the others are in serious condition.

The suspected driver of the truck and a passenger were apprehended and at least one weapon was found in the vehicle.

Terrorism has yet to be ruled out at this point, which is unsurprising considering the onslaught of vehicle attacks that Europe has faced.

It’s a low risk, easy method to inflict mass casualties in a short period of time for radical Islamists.

During a press conference, Chief of Metropolitan Police Peter Newsham was asked if the crime was being treated as terrorism, to which he responded,We have to look at that very closely. We do not have a motive at this time.”

The crazy thing is, CNN isn’t touching the story, because the last thing they want is for Islam to look bad, and for people to start suspecting that the narrative they’ve been fed about it being a “religion of peace” being false.

Terrorism or not, it’s a big story in our nation’s capitol, so it should be covered diligently, not buried for the sake of convenience and partisan politics.

But expecting leftists to be honest or people of integrity is futile.

Source: Mad World News

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