Travel Ban Protesters Asked To SHELTER Refugees…Their JAW-DROPPING Responses! [VIDEO]

The whole “Muslim ban” has sent the Left into a psychotic frenzy. While psychotic is the natural state of mind for leftists, they have been particularly upset that the US has retaken control of its immigration laws.

To no one’s surprise, however, many of the liberals signaling how upset and morally superior they are on social media are total hypocrites. And water is wet.

As reported at Right Wing News, a named prankster Joey Salads went to an airport dressed like a typical liberal hipster.

There he asked a passerby if they would be willing to take refugees into their homes.

With all of the Facebook posts, tweets, and angry blog posts, you would think that leftists would be more than happy to take in mistreated refugees. You would be wrong.

As usual, liberals are all talk.

Salads was met with all sorts of hilarious excuses. “I live with a man who is a Trump supporter, so I don’t think he’d go for it,” said one woman. “I have no space,” replied another.

One of the best responses came from a guy who said, “I’m very interested in helping. I’m a little apprehensive, and I also have a female roommate who’s, like, a very nervous girl … but I’m very interested.”

When he asked the how long it would be for, Salads said until legislation is passed, to which the guy responded, “I don’t think I could commit to that.” Hmmm. So the guy is concerned about how a refugee might make a female uncomfortable.

I wonder if this guy cares about the comfort of all the rape and sexual assault victims in Germany and throughout Europe?

Because leftists here and abroad have been highly supportive of Germans and others opening the flood-gates to refugees.

This, despite the fact they are committing an insane number of crimes, especially against women. So it is a little funny to see a leftist not-so-tacitly admit that a woman might not feel comfortable around these people.

He would call a conservative racist for such a response.

Yet he and many others fully support the importation of these young Muslim men anyway. I guess they only are “uncomfortable” when it comes to themselves and people they know, but they are more than willing to put others at risk.

Leftists love importing criminals and third-worlders. That is because they live in their fancy gated communities and do not feel the negative effects of it.

They then turn around and chastise those of us that suffer from their insane policies.

But those days are over. “America first!” is our credo once more, and no longer will we allow just anyone to take advantage of our great nation.

Source: Right Wing News