Trump HUMILIATED 2 Richest Men In America — With Perfect KICK In The Teeth!

President Trump was chosen to be our leader because he does what he says he’s doing to do and makes no apologies for telling the truth.

He doesn’t care who is offended by what he says because he says what’s on his mind and he means it.

Trump, who was rich before taking office ran for president only because he loves America.

That means he doesn’t take well to being bribed – he doesn’t need it.

Unlike Barack Obama, who took all the money thrown at him and did what they paid him to do, Trump is having none of it.

There’s a long list of rich people who are used to getting their way because they would just throw money Obama’s way and get what they want.

Well, it’s a new day in America!

The Koch brothers threw a lot of money around trying to keep Trump from becoming president.

David and Charles Koch also refused to help Trump during the election.

They are big supporters of free trade and amnesty, which Trump is highly against.

They are also said to have a close relationship with Harry Hurt III, who is the author of a book about Trump that spewed the ridiculous rape accusations about him.

Well, you know what they say about karma!

The Koch brothers planned a getaway for a day-long retreat at Trump’s exclusive golf resort that was put to a screaming halt by Trump when he learned they were there.

From USA Newsflash

“So Trump, in a perfectly humiliating fashion, instructed the management team to remove the pair from his property and told them they were not welcomed back.”

Just. Wow.

Can you imagine the humiliation they felt as the were being escorted past their billionaire cronies who were also there enjoying their expensive memberships?

He let them know that he didn’t forget that they weren’t there when he needed them and he doesn’t need them now.

He doesn’t need their money, doesn’t need their help, and doesn’t need them.

I think he made it perfect clear.

Source: USA Newsflash

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