UNBELIEVABLE! Obama Releasing Illegals…Border Crisis Escalates!

One of President Obama’s legacies ought to be as the greatest undercutter of all-things-constitutional in the history of the United States.

How else to explain away his obvious penchant for letting illegals go free from federal and law enforcement grasp, and wander about the United States with little to no oversight?

He’s done just that, yet again, as his most recent “free the illegals” statistics show.

“During the month of November alone, the Obama administration sent enough border-crossing illegal alien children to live in American communities to fill up 12 Washington, D.C. middle schools,” MRC TV reported.

Over that 30-day period, Obama’s administration actually processed and let loose 6,623 illegal alien minor-aged children who had just entered U.S. borders. That’s more than 220 children per day, on average.

And that’s an uptick from October, showing how the Obama administration is working furiously to grant as many illegals as possible their freedoms to roam U.S. soil before Donald Trump takes office.

According to MRC TV: “The incoming flood of illegal aliens, including unaccompanied minors, ramped up during the final few months of FY2016 and into the first days of the new fiscal year, and has yet to slow down. While border agents have apprehended another 14,128 unaccompanied kids at the Mexican border between October and November, the administration’s Office of Refugee Resettlement turned loose 12,674 UACs in that same time frame.”

Even Trump won’t be able to put an immediate stop to all this illegal alien take-over of America’s communities. As data from federal immigration courts indicates, more than a third of these illegal minor-aged kids will skip out on their court hearings, meaning even those ordered removed from America won’t be.

Thanks, Obama. Your legacy of lawlessness will be sure to last, at least for a while, into the upcoming Trump administration.

Source: MRC TV