WHOA: Comey Goes Rogue…’Dirty Little Secret’ Exposed!

Donald Trump has been under fire for some time now that his win of the White House wasn’t supposed to be, and that Hillary Clinton was the rightful winner.

Case-in-point: The whole Russia-hacked-the-election thing, in which Democrats, fueled by suggestive intel, and the far left have taken some media reports and run with them as a means of showing Trump is not the legitimately elected president.

But how accurate is that intel?

Really, the hacking was actually about the Democratic National Committee and messages among Clinton’s aides. The left, however, has twisted that to say the election itself, not the DNC, was hacked. And the hacking, as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said, was also actually a leak – once again, something the left refuses to accurately report.

And now there’s this, as Joe for America points: “FBI Director Comey testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee revealed that the FBI made multiple requests to access the DNC hacked server, but it turns out those requests were denied.”

Isn’t that interesting. In other words, evidence is mounting that a hack never occurred. And the fact that the DNC won’t turn over the supposed hacked server for the FBI to analyze only underscores more Trump’s own view – that the whole Russian hacking story is a plant by a political left that’s just itching to thwart his presidency before it even begins.

How much more obvious could it get: the Russian hacking story is just bunk. It’s simply driven by the far left that doesn’t want to let Trump into the White House. After all, if the truth was evident – if Russians really did skew the election with some mass hacking job – then the DNC and left would’ve been eager to present the proof to the FBI.

Source: Joe for America