BOMBSHELL: Namby-Pamby RINO’s to Fight Trump…Six Key Issues At Stake!

Many conservatives in America probably thought, post-Donald Trump win, that hey, this is good news – we’ve got the triple sweep. We’ve won the White House and still have control of the Senate and House.

The dawn of the golden age of politics beckons, right?

Not so fast. There’s a problem with that line of logic and it can be summed with one simple word.

Here it is: RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)

“Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already the rabid, mangy dogs from the left are calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment,” Mad World News reported. “They are afraid of the Trump administration’s agenda to ‘Make America Great Again.'”

That’s expected from the left. But here’s the betrayal and warning.

“The RINOs are also showing their yellow fangs, ready to fight Trump on at least six key issues and they must be called out,” the news blog reported.

What are they?

Illegal immigration, Muslim refugees, climate change, tax reduction and reform, Obamacare and the building of the southern border wall, Mad World News recounts.

And here’s the point to remember, while gearing up to fight these Republican In Name Only entrenched on Capitol Hill.

As Mad World News notes: “Ninety percent of what Trump has promised to do is already law, and he doesn’t need new legislation to make his agenda a reality. King Barack Hussein Obama threw out the laws and restrictions that he did not like, and all Donald Trump would need to do is just enforce them.”

Source: Mad World News

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