California Signs Its Death Warrant—Lethal New Law Has Millions In Revolt

It’s easy to dismiss the state of California as a liberal enclave that marches to its own drumbeat.

While that can save you a ton of head pain, it does little for those that reside in a massive state controlled by liberal leadership that don’t care very much for that beat.

It’s also concerning for the rest of America, watching a state that on its own has one of the largest economies in the world, and some of the most beautiful destinations as well.

The state’s liberal leaders continue to push forth their agenda, and residents that disagree with it are left with little recourse.

Lawmakers in the state have taken another big step towards that goal with a bill that would make California a ‘sanctuary state.’

It has already passed the state senate, and Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is expected to gleefully sign it.   

As expected, not everyone is on board with the bill.

Western Journalism reports:

“A lot of people talk about building a wall. This bill builds a wall between the federal government and our local partners and makes our communities less safe,” said James Gallagher, a Republican state assemblyman.

Some in law enforcement also opposed the new law.

“Our overarching concern remains that limiting local law enforcement’s ability to communicate and cooperate with federal law enforcement officers endangers public safety,” the California State Sheriffs’ Association said in a statement.

Opposition to bills is awfully common in the world of politics, but this one really sticks out. In essence, California wants to thumb its collective nose at federal law.

What about the residents that do not wish to partake in such egregious behavior?

The California Values Act would forbid state and local law enforcement agencies from providing information to or acting as the deputies for federal immigration authorities. The bill also prohibits police and sheriffs’ officers from inquiring about a person’s immigration status.

The bill went through an intense amending process. The final version allows jail and prison officials to notify the federal government if they have arrested an illegal immigrant with a felony record and allows federal immigration officers to interview people in custody.

However, the law bans any local jail holding a detainee for additional jail time that would then allow federal authorities to take an illegal immigrant into custody.

The bill does include some exceptions, including suspects accused of the most violent or serious crimes.

“This bill here today helps some of us to believe that California is a safe place for immigrants, that we are a Golden State,” said Democrat Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula.

To read between the lines, making the state a ‘safe place’ for immigrants is more important than the safety of the state’s legal residents.

While that may seem like a harsh assessment, how can someone that doesn’t believe in the ‘sanctuary’ concept walk away with any other impression?

They can’t. The massive metropolitan areas that are packed with liberals are controlling the agenda for the state as a whole. We’ve seen that play out on a national level with the elitists in liberal enclaves wielding an inordinate amount of power, but that has been thankfully balanced out by the so-called flyover states.

There’s no flyover state to save the other residents in California. Perhaps it’s time to give the secessionists their wish – with the caveat of a carve out so that the Leftists can go play country by themselves, while the state’s other residents continue to enjoy the benefits of being American citizens.

Source: Western Journalism

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