OMG! This Top Dem Accused Of Raping Teen Boys! His Career Is Over!

Democrats have been in a free-fall of late. They lost the presidency last November. They lost control of both houses of Congress.

Of course, Democrats are blaming everyone else for their failures and taking no responsibility for their own actions.

Several Democratic members of Congress are also facing criminal charges for their mishandling of campaign and public funds.

Former Florida congresswoman Corrine Brown was the latest to be found guilty of such charges on Thursday.

According to the Conservative Post, yet another Democrat is in hot water. And he is also looking at a possible prison sentence.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will be leaving his office when his term expires and fighting for his life instead.

Murray, a constant critic of President trump, “announced on Tuesday that he will not be seeking reelection after accusations surfaced that he sexually abused teenage boys decades ago.

Prior to these allegations, Murray had been running for reelection and was expected to win easily.

Fox News reported that Murray suspended his campaign after a fourth accuser came forward. He has been accused of paying teenagers for sex decades ago.

The latest victim claimed he was introduced to the future mayor by Delvonn Heckard, who filed a lawsuit last month claiming he was sexually abused by Murray in the 1980s when Heckard was a teenager.

The other accusers have alleged that their experiences were similar.

It tears me to pieces to step away but I believe it’s in the best interest of this city that I love, Murray said as he announced his departure from the campaign.

This ends his political career. He served as a state lawmaker for 18 years before being elected as Seattle’s mayor in 2013. This was to be Murray’s first bid for reelection.

Murray has been a vocal critic of the president. He recently announced that his city would challenge the president on his attempts to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities.

While not legally binding, Murray’s suspension of his campaign suggests to many that the allegations against him are likely true.

This is a public figure who was entrusted by citizens of the largest city in Washington to care for their city. Instead, he violated children and their trust in the most heinous way.

Source: Conservative Post