Harvard Professor Reveals Democrat Plot: “After We Impeach Trump, We Can Eliminate…

Liberals are getting more and more desperate, and they’re turning to the fringes for their extreme plans.

Since the election, every pathetic attempt they’ve mounted to undermine Trump has failed. From pressuring the Electorate, shutting down the Inauguration, to pushing the fake Russian narrative, they’ve failed to cook up an excuse to remove Trump from office.

That doesn’t mean they’ve stopped, though. As this one delusional lawyer continues to spew nonsense.

From Daily Wire:

Congress could hold a special election — ignoring the electoral college — for the presidency following removal of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, claims Harvard University’s Laurence Tribe:

In July, Tribe described Trump’s joking invitation to the Russian state to provide Hillary Clinton’s email records (from the time of her tenure as sectetary of state) as possibly amounting to “treason”:

Along with Louise Mensch, Tribe regularly advances the narrative of “collusion” — between Trump, Trump’s political associates, the Russian state, and Russian President Vladimir Putin — toward subversion of American politics…

Following last year’s presidential election, Tribe immediately began advocating for lawfare strategies to revoke the election of Trump to the presidency. He offered his legal expertise in posting legal pathways toward removal of Trump from office in a New York Times article by Nicholas Kristof entitled “How Can We Get Rid Of Trump?”.

Talk about desperate! This man even thinks that Trump wearing a MAGA hat is illegal. His reasoning is so bizarre, so convoluted, it makes you wonder if he’s not a lawyer, but actually a clown.

Because only clowns can contort things this way.

But it only makes him and liberals that agree with him, come off as sad, pathetic, and bitter. Donald Trump won the election, fair and square. The ridiculous attempts at stopping him or undermining him make liberals only appear un-American, undemocratic, and completely insane.

They won’t stop, however. And it makes them all the more entertaining.

Source: Daily Wire