Here We Go! Hillary Just Got HORRIFYING News From The FBI!

Former FBI Director James Comey was one of the most controversial FBI directors in recent history.

His back-and-forth investigations into former Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton angered those on both sides of the aisle.

With President Trump’s firing of Comey on Tuesday, Democrats have revealed their hypocrisy.

When Comey was investigating Clinton, they demanded that he back off. They felt vindicated when he publicly announced that his agency would not be recommending charges be filed against Clinton.

They were outraged when he reopened the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct official State Department business. They demanded that Comey must be fired.

Now that Comey was fired by Trump, the Democrats are once again outraged, accusing Trump of duplicity and attempting to cover-up an alleged connection to Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

According to Angry Patriot Movement, Democrats may have even more to be worried about. Unexpected consequences may come with Comey’s firing and especially with his replacement.

Former FBI agent Brian Weidner said in an email to Fox News that hewouldn’t be surprised if they did not review all of the investigations regarding [Hillary Clinton] and come up with [a] conclusion regarding prosecution.”

President Trump has repeatedly said that he fired Comey over his handling of the Clinton investigation.

Comey publicly spoke about the ongoing investigation and usurped the attorney general by announcing that no charges would be filed against Clinton.

The president said repeatedly that Comey was not doing a good job” as director of the FBI.

Given Trump’s statements that Comey was fired for his handling of the Clinton case, it is safe to assume that the new FBI director will reexamine all aspects of the case against Clinton.”

Angry Patriot Movement argues that the new FBI director will need to reexamine immunity deals and determine if they have been adequately upheld. This could open the door to a massive new investigation.

If accurate, this means that the Clinton case has a good chance of being reopened.

Clinton thought she was off the hook after her friends in Washington covered for her, after former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had their infamous meeting and after Comey was pressured by Lynch to affect the outcome of the original investigation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the new FBI director may finally hold Clinton accountable for her actions and the country might finally see justice served.

Source: Angry Patriot Movement