Mike Huckabee Wants To Tear Down Liberal ‘Monument’—Do You Agree With Him?

The frightening events in Charlottesville have reopened the debate over Confederate monuments.

Some folks are avoiding the debate part entirely. As such, they’ve decided it’s perfectly fine to go out and tear them down without anything resembling approval to do so.

Most grounded folks know that opens up a dangerously slippery slope. We can count former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in that camp, and he recently posed a simple question that places the whole matter in perspective.

The Independent Journal Review passes along the scoop on that.  

In an interview with Fox News, Wednesday, the former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate floated the idea of tearing down abortion clinics because they “offend” him.

“Anarchists go and just tear down the statues because they are impatient with politicians doing it. That is not — that is not acceptable behavior, it is vandalism, it is anarchy, and it would be like me saying ‘I don’t like abortion clinics, so I’m going to go to tear them down because I find them offensive.’”

Therein lies the rub for those that take visions of justice into their own hands. If we cross this line, where does it end?

What else becomes acceptable? Pondering those possibilities is a pretty chilling experience.

Huck said that the precedent of mobs tearing down things that offend us is troubling. “We are bordering on anarchy,” he said, “having a select group of people tear something down because it offends them personally.” The former governor of a former Confederate state said he “is OK” with Confederate statues being replaced as long as the process goes through public and political debate, but cautioned that the slope is a slippery one.

Huckabee’s take is right on the money. The public and political debate portion is a crucial part of the process.

While it may not be perfect, that’s how decisions get made in our society. No matter how noble you feel your intentions are, behaving with a mob mentality is akin to the anarchy that Huckabee alludes to.  

Is that really what anyone wants to see our society devolve into?

We’ll assume not, but it can head there pretty quick if such behavior is left unchecked.

Source: Independent Journal Review