News Alert: ISIS Suicide Bomber Attacks NATO Convoy – US Soldiers Injured

An attack has occurred in Kabul, Afghanistan. Among the injured were three US soldiers along with eight Afghanistan citizens killed and 25 injured. None of the US service members injured received life-threatening injuries.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

From Western Journalism

A spokesman for the U.S.-led NATO mission in Afghanistan, Navy Capt. Bill Salvin, said the three US soldiers “sustained non-life threatening wounds, are in stable condition, and are currently being treated at coalition medical facilities.”

The attack happened during the morning rush hour, when people in the city of Kabul were on their way to work or to market. The amount of injuries is equated to the time of day that ISIS chose to attack to get maim and injure as many as possible.

A witness to the attack gave a statement saying, “There are dead bodies lying on the road here, several are from the NDS (National Defense Security checkpoint. Police are clearing the area and the city seems on high alert.”

There was a large amount of damage, but the convoy made it back to base safely in their vehicles.

U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens said in a statement “I condemn this morning’s utterly despicable attack in downtown Kabul. In recent days some have rejected violence and recognized that the only future for Afghanistan is through constructive dialogue and peace.”

He added, “Unfortunately, there are those who refuse to allow Afghans their chance at peace, and instead insist on killing and maiming innocent civilians.”

ISIS and Taliban have started working together, as we previously reported, so U.S. and its NATO forces are battling both at the same time in Afghanistan.

There has been no word thus far as to announce whether more US troops will be sent to Afghanistan to amp up the number of troops deployed to the area now.

Source: Western Journalism