HIGH ALERT: US Landmarks In This City Show Up In ISIS Propaganda Video As Targets! 

The latest Islamic terror attack has once again reminded folks in the West that a war is being waged against them.

The media desperately wants us to accept these attacks as part and parcel of our new multicultural reality, and for us to not associate them with Islam.

But that’s impossible when then only people committing these heinous crimes are the very Muslims sane people have been warning us about for years.

In the wake of the Manchester attack, ISIS has released a new propaganda video that should have us all on high alert.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, the video contains footage of one of the hottest tourist destinations in America–Las Vegas.

Images of the city strip, where there are a multitude of bustling casinos, clubs, and restaurants, are prevalent throughout the video, which could mean it’s the next target for a Muslim terror attack.

About 39 million tourists visit Las Vegas every year, making it a prime target for an attack.

Counter-terrorism officials have issued warnings to businesses on the strip and told them to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior immediately.

Retired FBI agent Dave Shepherd told a local news affiliate that the video didn’t surprise him. Las Vegas has kind of been a terrorism target for a long time, he said.

He said that businesses in the city must work together to identify potential attackers.

It’s a matter of passing information, understanding exactly what’s going on in the city, what’s good, what’s bad, and that’s a daily occurrence,” he said.

“Groups are always looking at other ways to try to get something done, so you always have to stay one step ahead of them.”

Las Vegas has appeared in a ISIS propaganda video before, alongside the usual targets like New York and Washington DC. But the timing of this video makes the group’s threats more serious than usual.

The Manchester attack was a very successful operation for them, and it shows they’re still able and willing to carry out large-scale attacks using various methods.

They’ve been using large trucks to drive through crowds lately, but we’ve once again been reminded that these maniacs are still more than happy to blow themselves up to carry out their attacks.

We know how to solve the problem of radical Islamic terrorism in the West, the only problem is that the Left is standing in the way.

They’ll continue importing terror, no matter how many attacks are carried out, while calling us racists for questioning their actions. The blood of the children lost this week are on their hands.

Source: Conservative Tribune