Massive Christian Massacre Shocks The World — 20 Dead In 20 Minutes

In America we believe in religious freedom. Citizens have the right to practice the faith of their choice, or no faith at all with the obvious restriction that any violence connected with their faith is prohibited.

This means that the problems Islam has had in America are expected. While the overwhelming majority of Muslims do not engage in violence, their faith is not especially tolerant of other religions making coexistence a problem. And then there are those who take the Islamic scriptures and run with them in very violent and brutal ways. That is not an opinion, just read the news.

Another example of the intolerance of some Islamic sects has just been displayed in a Christian village in Nigeria. Three Muslims of the violent/fundamentalist variety entered the village in the middle of the night and murdered 20 villagers. This, apparently because they were Christians.

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“Radical Islamic militants massacred peaceful Christians in a community in central Nigeria — including men, women, and children — in the middle of the night, in an apparent reprisal attack that targeted the wrong village.

“On Friday, September 8th, during the midnight hours, a group of Islamic terrorists believed to be associated with Muslim Fulani herdsmen, attacked locals in the central Plateau state as revenge for the death of a boy near Ancha village, Miango District in the Bassa Local Government Area, the Morning Star News reports.

“The Islamic terrorists attacked a village at least three miles away from where the child’s body was found, however.”

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So what we have here are a number of crimes. The first is the obvious murder of these Christian villagers. The next is the taking of the law into their own hands by these Islamic terrorists in doing so, supposedly to punish these villagers for the death of a Muslim boy a year ago. Finally, even if the revenge was justified, which it most certainly was not, they got the wrong village. Such is the danger of mob violence perpetrated by a group of viscous, murderous religious zealots.

“At midnight, three men entered the village and opened fire on anyone they saw. Bulus woke up after he heard the shots. Bulus said, ‘One of them ran after me into the house, and he stood by the door to my room without entering the room or shooting, and after a few minutes he went out to join his colleagues outside.’ He managed the escape as they fired on him.

“Twenty villagers, eight of whom were children, were murdered. Azumi Monday, the youngest victim, was just three months old.”

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So the so-called “religion of peace” has struck again. Except in this case the perpetrators of this heinous crime were either too stupid, too overcome with hatred, or a combination of both as to attack a group of villagers who had nothing to do with their alleged grievances.

It’s not that America is a place where religious bigotry desires that violent Islamic jihadists be banned from entering our country. Stricken human nature cries out against such persons. There is no place on this planet where such degenerates as these belong.

Source: Daily Wire

Author: Craig Bennett, American Conservative Herald