WRONG! Maxine Waters OFF The RAILS! Says ‘You CAN’T Impeach A Woman Of….’ 

Left-wing Rep. Maxine Waters is trying to position herself for a potential presidential run in 2020.

Despite never being anything more than a run-of-the-mill liberal politician and race-baiter during her long career, the Left has latched on to her in recent months.

And it’s all because she’s been so “brave” in her criticism of Trump, which essentially boils down a crusade to get him impeached.

Waters has been attending all sorts of rallies, fomenting hatred and contempt for the president and calling for his removal. While her fellow liberals might eat that crap up, some folks aren’t buying what she’s selling.

As reported at the American Lookout, after trashing Trump and calling for his impeachment at a recent rally, Maxine was shocked when one of her constituents said it’s not the president that should be ousted, but Waters instead.

Melani Bell bumped into Waters at the rally and said she’s been calling Maxine’s office and sending her emails just so she could get “five minutes of your time.”

“You’re one of 700,000,” Waters replied, referring to the number of constituents she has. Bell then proceeded to tell Waters she doesn’t like how she’s been trashing the president constantly.

“I can’t stand him,” Waters said, cutting her off. “He’s the most horrible man I’ve ever seen in my life.” Talk about hyperbolic. But that’s just how the Left thinks. People who disagree with them are worst than terrorists and murderers apparently.

“I love my president,” the woman replied.

“I’m glad you do,” Waters shot back.

When the woman wanted to know why Waters wouldn’t also represent her views in Washington, Waters said, “Your president is a dishonorable, lying man,” adding that he “lies every day.”

Maxine then said Trump is “in bed” with Putin and the Kremlin and “the oligarchs.”

When the constituent compared Trump’s words to Bill Clinton’s actions, Waters snapped, “I don’t care about Clinton! Listen, I’m going to work every day until I get him impeached.”
Bell responded, I’m going to work every day to make sure that he isn’t impeached and that you’re impeached.”

“You can’t impeach a member of Congress!” Waters yelled back. “No, you cannot impeach a woman of Congress,” she said again before her staff escorted her away from the woman.

In Maxine’s mind, you can’t impeach a female member of Congress, which is interesting. Of course, for people like Waters, liberal women are above reproach and can say and do anything they want without fear of criticism.

Because if they’re ever criticized, they’ll just pull the sexist card and slander anyone who dares call them out.

Maxine’s been doing this for ages, but usually, she’s pulling the race card instead. For her to say something so idiotic is unsurprising, considering she’s shown herself to be at the bottom of the barrel intelligence-wise for decades.

It’s a shame she doesn’t have more constituents in her district like Bell, so maybe the nation wouldn’t have to suffer from her inane, fruitless campaign to impeach Trump.

She can cry and whine all she wants, we all know her crusade is about is self-promotion, because there’s no chance Trump will be impeached.

Source: American Lookout