BOOM! 100s of Mexicans Turned Away At Border — The HILARIOUS Plot Twist!

There’s a lot to love about our friendly neighbors to the frozen north.

Canada is a beautiful country with some of the most friendly folks on the planet.

However, while those things may be true, the nation has transformed itself in recent years into the supposed bastion of progressivism.

They have become more like Europe than America, with their laws restricting free speech and many other crazy left-wing policies cooked up by loony politicians.

The latest Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, highlights just how far to the Left politics have drifted in the nation.

Trudeau’s father was a former PM of Canada and was best friends with the communist dictator, Fidel Castro.

They were such good friends that Castro was a pall-bearer at his funeral.

Trudeau has made it his mission to have the exact opposite immigration policy as Trump.

He wants Canada to be a multicultural paradise and has vowed to allow even more foreigners into his country now that many are being denied entry to the US.

As reported at Louder with Crowder, there is an amusing irony about Canada’s recent rhetoric on immigration and their actual actions.

Despite puffing out their chest and declaring immigrants welcome, it seems that Canada is turning away record numbers of immigrants, especially those from Mexico.

With Trump is cracking down on illegal immigration in the US, many from Mexico are opting to invade Canada instead.

While Trudeau and his band of brain-dead supporters have said they’ll increase the number of folks they’ll take in, that might not be true in practice.

Canadian government data shows a tripling of Mexicans seeking to travel to Canada since they eased the visa restrictions 3 months ago.

However, more Mexicans were turned back from the Canadian border in January 2017 than the total number rejected each year in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Could it be that leftists in Canada are not making good on their over-sized promises?


It’s easy to talk about how tolerant and open minded you are, but when the rubber meets the road, and you’re facing the prospect of tens of thousands stampeding into your country, the calculus changes.

It would seem that Canada, in practice, is a little more sensible than they’ve been letting on in public.

However, they would be wise to follow Trump’s example and look out for the interests of Canadian citizens first, instead of prioritizing the needs of people that won’t assimilate and only want to take advantage of their hospitality.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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