WATCH: Muslim Invader Cusses Woman & Cuts In Line – Lady Goes OFF!

Turn it to almost any news network or read the pages of most websites, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any criticism of the “migrants” that have been flooding American and Europe in recent years.

The leftist press simply cares more about nameless foreigners than you or I.

This is true no matter where you go in the West.

But it’s especially true in the nation of Sweden, where the entire media and governmental apparatus has been taken over by radical leftists bent on destroying Sweden’s culture and history.

The media does its best to suppress stories that make these Muslim migrants look bad, but with so many coming in and committing crimes it’s difficult to cover them all up.

As reported at the Conservative Post, we have yet another example of Muslim ungratefulness and intolerance of the people that welcomed them in with open arms.

A video on YouTube shows one of these Muslim invaders shamelessly cutting folks in line at a restaurant.

When one woman finally had the courage to call the guy out, he said, I urinate on people like you…Shut up, you f****** whore!

I wonder if left-wing politicians in Sweden and in the media would blame the woman for this man’s reaction. Maybe she wasn’t tolerant enough, or maybe she should put on a burqa to make the man feel more “welcome.”

Unfortunately for the Muslim guy, he picked the wrong woman to mess with. She responded, Go back! Go back to your damned country. It’s me who lives here!

The crazy thing about this is that it wouldn’t be surprising at all if she was charged for a hate crime and thrown in jail or given a fine.

Saying what she said is illegal across Europe, as it’s deemed “inciting racial hatred.”

You’re supposed to be a good subject and allow the government to replace you with foreigners that hate you and your culture. If you dare speak out against it,

If you dare speak out against it, your life can be ruined.

Thanks to the Left’s policy of importing Muslims, crime has exploded, especially rape.

At least 1 in 4 Swedish women will now be raped by minority migrants, all in the name of “tolerance.”

The Left’s policies across the world do nothing but countries on the path to national suicide.

If we want our civilization and culture to survive the next century, then we must do everything in our power to oppose the left-wing menace wherever it rears its ugly head.

Source: Conservative Post