NEWS ALERT: Hillary BLINDSIDED…Judge Just Made GAME-CHANGING Ruling On Benghazi Investigation! 

Just when you might have thought there was no chance you’d ever see Hillary Clinton held accountable for her many crimes, a sliver of hope emerges.

With so many scandals plaguing her and her inability to stay on the right side of the law, it’s always been a matter of time with Hillary.

The caveat being whether or not a proper examination of her life and crimes would occur while she’s still alive and kicking. But thanks to a US District judge, Hillary’s one step closer to the penitentiary.

As reported at the Angry Patriot Movement, a judge has officially ruled that all of Clinton’s Benghazi related emails that mention Obama’s phone calls to the leaders of Libya and Egypt at the time, must be released.

The Benghazi tragedy, which left four dead, including an ambassador, was made possible by Clinton and Obama’s indifference to the pleas for help by those stationed in the city.

They were warned of potential terror plots, but the administration didn’t want to admit that al Qaeda terrorists were active in the area, so they decided not to send reinforcements and to blame the attack on an old YouTube video.

Remember that when Clinton was called to testify during the Benghazi inquiry when asked what the cause of the attack was, Clinton responded, “What difference at this point does it make!”

Well, it makes a lot of difference for a whole lot of reasons. It’s especially important to the families whose loved ones were killed.

Also, because the administration deliberately spammed the media with their narrative that an internet video was the cause when internally, they admitted it was a coordinated attack.

So yes, the reason is important because it could lead to a revelation of negligence or illegal activity on behalf of Obama and Clinton.

But to folks like them, 1 life, 2 lives, a dozen, it makes no difference to them. All they care about is power and keeping it.

They’ll tell any lie and do any despicable thing necessary to maintain their positions. But thanks to this judge, we’re one step closer to dismantling the Clinton crime syndicate once and for all.

Source: Angry Patriot Movement