Russia PROVOKES Trump Deploying Banned Missiles And Now This…He’s OUTRAGED!

In the Cold War era days, we all seemed to be used to the idea of Americans and Russians spying on each other.

We did not like it, but it made sense to us. We knew the era in which we lived was somewhat tumultuous and we came to accept that to some degree.

As the Cold War ended, a sense of relief seemed to penetrate the hearts and minds of everyday Americans. But that was not as long-lived as we would have liked.

Russian President Vladimir Putin took clear advantage of the leadership vacuum during the Obama administration and aggressively asserted his nation’s influence over Europe and Asia.

In recent days, several reports have emerged to show that Putin is continuing to push the envelope, and it is making many Americans nervous.

Fox News reported on three specific Russian actions. The first occurred over the weekend as reports began to emerge that the Russians had deployed a new cruise missile system that violates the 1987 arms agreement that helped to bring about the end of the Cold War. The second was a Russian ship reportedly sailing just 70 miles off the coast of Delaware. The third incident included Russian jets buzzing a US destroyer in the Black Sea.

The Russian ship was in international waters, 70 miles off the coast of Delaware and heading north at 10 knots,” Fox News Reported. US territorial waters extend 12 miles from the coast.

This ship is known to the US as a spy ship that is “also armed with surface-to-air missiles.”

The now-deployed, land-based cruise missiles had been seen by intelligence officials during the Obama administration as early as 2015.

Despite White House calls to stop the development and testing of that system, intelligence reports now show that the Russians proceeded and have now placed the missiles at two locations within Russia.

The Washington Free Beacon first reported on the Russian jets’ actions. Four Russian jets reportedly “buzzed the USS Porter in the Black Sea on Friday.”

The events occurred over “several hours” and included two attack jets. An unnamed official said the Porter was conducting “routine operations in international waters” when the jets approached “low and fast.”

Calls to the jets were ignored and their transponders were turned off.

In the wake of allegations of Russian influence into the 2016 US presidential elections, the resignation of Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn following revelations that he lied about conversations with Russia’s US ambassador and the latest Russian actions, President Trump must now wade through some murky waters as he attempts to improve US-Russian relationships.

Source: Fox News

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