News Alert: US Just Threatened With NUKE ATTACK – NOT By North Korea! 

Trump talked a lot about rebuilding our relationships with friends and adversaries alike while on the campaign trail.

Specifically, he mentioned his intention to mend the fences Obama destroyed between the US and Russia.

Thus far, it’s appeared that a reset was on the table, giving the US the opportunity to work more closely with the Kremlin to solve some regional problems.

However, despite the media’s claim that Trump is a Russian puppet, it appears that the Kremlin may be more antagonistic with Trump than many thought.

As reported at the Washington Free Beacon, on Sunday, Russian leaders threatened to unleash a nuclear attack if the United States or its NATO allies enter the Ukrainian territory of Crimea.

This is their response to what they view as a Western military buildup in the region, undertaken as a means to counter any Russian aggression in the region.

Vyacheslav Alekseyevich Nikonov, a Russian lawmaker, discussed Russia’s willingness to use nuclear weapons in response any US action in Ukraine, telling an international meeting of security officials that the Russian military has discussed Moscow’s willingness to use nuclear weapons in a conflict with military leaders in NATO,” according to reports.

On the issue of NATO expansion on our borders, at some point I heard from the Russian military–and I think they are right–If U.S. forces, NATO forces, are, were, in the Crimea, in eastern Ukraine, Russia is undefendable militarily in case of conflict without using nuclear weapons in the early stage of the conflict,” Nikonov was quoted as saying.

Nikonov also said that should any conflict arise in the Crimea region, the Russian military would also be prepared to deploy nuclear weapons as a countermeasure.

While hearing this report might frighten some and cause them instantly think of the Russians as a mortal enemy, we should all try and understand the context and the why of the situation.

No, the US and its allies shouldn’t allow Russian aggression towards Europe, but one can hardly blame them for not wanting so many nations building up forces on their doorstep.

It would be like the Russians placing military armaments in Puerto Rico and expecting the US to be okay with it. The thing the Russians fear most if meddling in their sphere of influence, something the US equally fears.

They feel Ukraine, which is historically part of Russia, is in their sphere, and are trying to threaten anyone who dares meddle in it.

The reality is that the Russians are drawing a very clear red line on NATO’s push east, one that Trump will likely respect. Which he should, because there’s no need to invite conflict over something like Crimea or east Ukraine.

Had Hillary been victorious, the nuclear threats would have actually had a chance to come true, seeing how she and the Left are so eager to spill American blood in a needless conflict against Russia on the other side of the world.

It’s time for Europe to step up to the plate and take care of their own continent. We’ve spilled enough blood and treasure in their defense and by playing the world’s policeman.

We’ve got our own problems to deal with at home and there’s no need to go looking for more trouble than we’re already in.

Source: Washington Free Beacon