Schumer Out Day-Drinking…And Look Who He’s With! Trump Is Not Happy! 

While the day is nearing when puppet master George Soros will no longer defile the world with his schemes, unfortunately for us all, he has a son.

Alex Soros has begun stepping out of his father’s shadow, preparing himself to take over his father’s business of undermining governments across the globe.

To do so, Alex has been increasingly meeting with foreign leaders and policymakers of all stripes, likely giving them their marching orders.

One of the many Soros foot-soldiers is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, which Alex recently had a sit-down with.

As reported at USA Newsflash, if you check out Alex’s Instagram page, you’ll notice his lavish lifestyle and his many encounters with world leaders.

At the moment, it appears Alex is very interested in Schumer, who’s one of the anti-Trump leaders in Congress.

He posted a picture of them together at a fancy restaurant with the caption:

Always great to catch up with senator @chuckschumer who has seized the moment as the head of the #democrats in the #senate and masterfully helped preserve the assault on our nations values and #democracy! Thank you Chuck!

The funny thing is, it’s the middle of the day, yet Schumer looks like he’s had more than a few drinks.

Interesting how it’s okay for Schumer to get hammered on expensive cocktails and white wine, but at the same time, call for banning things like powdered alcohol and the Four Loko drink because of they’re “dangerous.”

It’s a real shame that George Soros has any progeny.

The world has suffered greatly from his attempts to subvert governments to both enrich himself and push his left-wing ideology.

Alex is just over 30, and it seems he’s going to carry on his father’s mission, which includes dumping millions into the pockets of Democrats and far-left causes.

To put it bluntly, George Soros and his son are enemies of America.

They do not care about our history, culture, or historical values. Those things mean nothing to them because all they crave is money and power.

They seek to flood America with refugees and immigrants because that’s the best way to destroy social cohesion and do away with the American identity.

Their plan has worked perfectly in Europe, as nations are lining up to commit national suicide.

And if we’re not careful and don’t fight back, we’ll be standing on the edge of the cliff with them very soon.

Source: USA Newsflash