Schumer Sponsored Man Arrested For DISGUSTING Crime — Hold Him ACCOUNTABLE!

Liberals have been wringing their hands over President Trump’s logical and reasonable immigration policies since he took office.

They claim that his policies are “hateful” and that they don’t represent “our values.”

I guess they think our values include not only looking the other way when our laws are violated but rewarding it with citizenship and protected status.

As reported by the Conservative Tribune, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has been one of the most vocal critics of Trump’s immigration policies.

But it appears that Schumer’s very pro-immigration views are coming back to bite him.

Indian snowshoe champion Tanveer Hussain, whom Schumer personally helped into the country, has been arrested for sexually assaulting a minor, The Washington Post has reported.

Hussain was initially denied entry into the US, but after Schumer and fellow Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) personally intervened, the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India, granted Hussain entry to the US.

There was a moment when the two were alone, and that’s when the incident occurred,” Police Chief Charles A. Potthast Jr. told reporters.

The 12-year-old girl claims that Hussain engaged in a “passionate kiss” with her, as well as touched an “intimate area.”

Hussain’s brother is upset that he’s been unable to talk to him and also defended his actions saying, “In Kashmir, we have a tradition of showing love to children. We hug and kiss a child here, and our society doesn’t see it as a crime.”

Well, your brother is no longer in Kashmir.

That’s the problem with the Left and how they view immigration.

Conservatives rightfully want those that come here to assimilate to our culture and abide by or values, not hold on to their own while whining about how it’s different here.

But the Left wants us to change our views and accommodate the people that come here, which is insane.

No one would expect Nigerians to elevate an American’s beliefs over their own if one were to live there, but in America, it’s become expected for us to put immigrants’ interests above our own.

It doesn’t matter what is acceptable in Hussain’s country, touching little girls in America is wrong and will be punished.

It should go without saying, but with liberals, who knows how they view situations that could be a result of cultural differences.

You come to America, you accept OUR values and cultural norms, not the other way around.

If you don’t like it, then get out or don’t come here in the first place.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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