Special Report: INCURABLE & DEADLY Disease Now In 10 States…Spreading Like WILDFIRE!  [VIDEO]

Since the turn of the century, it seems like there’s always some kind of disease or virus that’s threatening to spread across the globe.

Whether it’s the bird flu or ebola, these outbreaks have become far too common.

Whether the government has been hyping up the threats these illnesses pose is uncertain. Regardless, being informed and prepared is far better than dismissing the threats outright.

As reported at Whistleblower 411, it looks like we have yet another sickness spreading across the US, and it’s bad enough that doctors are issuing warnings and telling folks to take preventative measures.

This disease is called the Powassan virus, and it’s a tick-borne illness that’s spreading across the US like wildfire. It’s carried by the same kind of ticks that carry the dangerous Lyme disease.

Doctors are warning folks that spend a lot of time outside during summer to be hyper vigilant and check oneself for ticks after spending an extended period outside.

The Georgia Department of Health has stated that though no cases of the Powassan virus have been reported yet, that’s likely to change very soon, as it continues its spread south from the Great Lakes region.

We haven’t seen Powassan yet, but to be completely honest, we haven’t been testing for Powassan,” Dr. Taz Bhatia said.

So now that it’s on our radar, if it matches to those symptoms of fever, vomiting, weakness, we’ll be looking for it and testing for it, and seeing what we can do.”

Powassan virus might be a more serious, more deadly version of Lyme disease,” Bhatia added.

Anyone bitten by an infected tick can get the disease, said Dr. Jennifer Lyons, chief of the Division of Neurological Infections and Inflammatory Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

About 15% of patients who are infected and have symptoms are not going survive,” said Lyons, who is also an assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School.Of the survivors, at least 50% will have long-term neurological damage that is not going to resolve.”

The threat of Lyme disease is bad enough, but this takes it to another level.

Scientists have seen a rapid increase in the number of deer affected by the Powassan virus, which is why they’re so concerned we may soon be seeing it more frequently appear in humans.

So if you’re going to be enjoying summer a lot this year, be sure to check yourself and loved ones whenever activities are finished.

And if you find a tick on you and soon after start suffering flu-like symptoms, head to the doctor right away.

Source: Whistleblower 411