US Christian Soldiers Forced To Bow Down To Islam? Look What Army Says

Both those of the Jewish and Christian faiths have been persecuted by other religions for thousands of years and are not surprised when they see it. The reason most people fled to America in the first place was to protect their religious beliefs, instead of having others beliefs forced upon them. Hence the Mayflower Voyagers.

Why should even Buddhists or Hindus be expected to receive spiritual guidance or religious instruction from a Muslim, a Christian or a Wiccan? The answer is that they wouldn’t and they would be outraged if it were tried.

So, why should the US military approves the appointment of a Muslim chaplain to give spiritual guidance to soldiers, a majority of them being Christian?  To see this happen in the United States Army to thousands of American Christian soldiers is the height of liberal, politically correct, multicultural lunacy!

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Well, evidently they do because that is exactly what they did!

From Conservative Tribune:

In the latest example of questionable liberal policies that are aimed more at looking good than at getting good results, a Muslim chaplain has been put in charge of spiritual guidance for roughly 14,000 American soldiers, most of whom are Christian, McClatchy reported.

Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz has been appointed chaplain to the Army’s 7th Infantry Division, stationed near Tacoma, Washington, and will now be overseeing the spiritual affairs of Christian soldiers. Does anyone else see a potential problem with this? Since when was it proper to have a Muslim provide religious guidance to a Christian?

“For me, a regular old guy from Louisiana, I look to the heavens and say, ‘Why me?’” Shabazz recounted. “As the day gets closer, I’m sure I’ll have more anxiety and think about it more. I’m extremely proud to have been on this journey for 20 years and never would’ve imagined that I’d be chosen to be the first (division-level Muslim chaplain).

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WND reported:

According to the Department of Defense, there are only roughly 6,000 Muslims serving in the United States military. The Army has five Muslim chaplains, and the military in its entirety only 10.

So the big question here is: “Why in heaven’s name would the military appoint a Muslim chaplain to “minister” to Christian soldiers?”

We could speculate that former President Obama replaced many senior military officers, who were Christians, with Muslims, Atheists, and others who have no real interest in shoring up the faith of Christian soldiers under their influence.

If anything, their primary goal would be to destroy that faith.

If President Trump is the Christian he claims he is, then this problem will be eliminated about as soon as he learns about it. We hope he fixes this sooner rather than later.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Author: Michael Reed, American Conservative Herald