We Caught Him! Look Who’s Been Arrested For Kidnapping, Killing Hundreds

As the left fills up their precious sanctuary cities, the time is going to come when it is obvious that they have done a lot more than shield illegal aliens from deportation by the federal government. They are going to learn the hard way that these sanctuary cities have attracted criminals who want to take criminality to the next level.

In other words, exponents of sanctuary cities are going to create a whole collection of problems that they, in their deluded thinking, never anticipated. These would include crimes such as murder, rape, theft, extortion, and much more that they and those who will have been victimized by their poor decisions will regret. This statement should not be taken to imply all illegal aliens are violent criminals. But some are, and creating these safe zones gives them bases from which to operate.

For example, one such violent criminal was just arrested in Chicago, a sanctuary city. This cartel member’s name is Juan Rafael “El Cubano” Arredondo. He is connected with the massacre of 300 people in Mexico. He’s a perfect example of the sort of people who will be attracted to sanctuary cities.

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“An alleged kidnapper in the Los Zetas Mexican Cartel was arrested in Chicago and extradited to Mexico where he faces over two-dozen kidnapping charges and is linked to a horrifying massacre in the Mexican state of Coahuila.

“Coahuila state police officers took custody of Juan Rafael “El Cubano” Arredondo Oviedo in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, the Cartel Chronicles reported.

“U.S. law enforcement officials arrested Arredondo at an immigration court in Chicago which is listed by the Center for Immigration Studies as an official “sanctuary city.”

“Arredondo faces 28 kidnapping charges in Mexico where authorities previously linked him to a chilling massacre in Coahuila in 2011, where over 300 people were kidnapped, killed, cut into pieces, and incinerated in ovens: The order was simple — kill anyone related, associated or that in anyway had contact with Villanueva or Garza Gaytan.”

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What those on the left refuse to acknowledge is that ignoring the enforcement of the law only breeds more lawlessness.

They might claim that the purposes of sanctuary cities are completely separate from the sort of crimes that a degenerate such as Arredondo would commit.

That might be true, but it is also irrelevant. If a criminal, especially one who looks or speaks like someone other than most Americans were looking for a place to hide out or set up operations, don’t you think a sanctuary city would come to mind? Maybe the person isn’t even an alien. It just makes sense to base criminal actions in places where law enforcement standards are reduced.

In their alleged concern for illegal aliens, the left is going to get people killed. And they cannot fix dead.

Source: Daily Wire

Author: Craig Bennett, American Conservative Herald