The White House Is Now Preparing For IMPEACHMENT? Here’s What’s Happening Right NOW!

Impeachment is the word on everyone’s lips these days, as the media is piles on President Trump to make this dream a reality.

Ever since Trump fired Comey, the knives have come out, and now all the media can talk about is kicking the president out of office.

Things are getting serious enough that White House is supposedly preparing for the possibility Democrats will try to initiate the undeserved and outrageous process.

As reported at Allen B. West, with so much negative coverage and dust being kicked up by the media, the latest media claim is that the White House is researching the issue of impeachment and how to go about defending against any attempt.

While officials at the White House have called a Trump impeachment a “distant” and “unlikely” possibility the research is supposedly being conducted as a precautionary measure and is described as a purely informal process.

Despite reports, the White House is obviously claiming that no such research is happening, as admitting to it would lead the media to say that preparing for impeachment must mean they’re guilty of something.

Democrats on the hill have been increasingly vocal about a potential Trump impeachment, especially since Comey’s firing and the emergence of the Comey memo.

The memo is being made out to be an attempt by Trump to “influence” the former FBI director, but in context, reads like nothing more than a person simply expressing their desire.

But this whole story could be nothing more than fake news put out there by the media to make Trump look skittish and guilty.

The White House would likely deny the claims regardless, but as always, stories from the media trying to undermine Trump always include info from “insiders” or “sources,” never a legit, visible source.

So anytime you see a story about Trump at a place like CNN that starts with “Source:” or something like that, you should take what it says with a massive grain of salt.

The Left is putting out fake news to make it difficult to discern fact from fiction. They brow-beat average folks into believing their narratives simply by the sheer volume of stories they run that are critical of Trump.

But with a special prosecutor now ready to find out the truth about all the Russia claims, they’ll soon be deprived of their ability to smear Trump as a Russian puppet.

Then their credibility will be even further in the gutter and viewers more skeptical of their “reporting.”

Source: Allen B. West

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