Look Who Owned 75,000 Shares In Putin’s Energy Company! It’s Not Who You Think!

If you only watched CNN or some other mainstream outlet, you’d be hard-pressed to not think that Trump was nothing more than a Soviet puppet.

At least, that’s the narrative the left-wing press has been pushing since he won the election.

Apparently, not hating Russia, or being a Republican billionaire and having done business with the nation before, constitutes as treason or something.

That’s because the Left has suddenly taken to hating the Russians and agitating for war them, despite the fact no evidence has been presented to show what exactly they’re guilty of.

While the media talks about Trump’s connections to the Kremlin, they’ve completely ignored the connections some folks on the Left have to the nation.

As reported at the Conservative Post, it’s not the president that’s been doing business with Putin and the Russians, but Hillary Clinton’s very own campaign chairman, John Podesta.

Wikileaks recently dropped the bombshell by revealing that Podesta is a member of the executive board of the energy company, Joule Unlimited, which has received millions from a Putin-connected government fund.

He also has a meager 75,000 common shares of the company according to the hacked emails.

The information was discovered in an email exchange between Podesta and associated parties.

Remember, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and Podesta were all subject to the massive email hack, and ever since, truth-seekers have been sifting through them for evidence of crimes and hypocrisy.

The specific email exchange was found under the subject line Podesta Outstanding Docs for Joule,” Eryn Sepp, who was an assistant to Podesta at the left-wing Center for American Progress, forwarded a message to Podesta from Mark C. Solakian, who was Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

 It is my understanding that John transferred the resulting 75,000 common shares from the option exercise to the Leonidio LLC.,” Slovakian wrote in a January 2014 email, referencing the Delaware-based holding company.
As such, we would need to edit the Transfer of Share Agreement to reflect the transfer of 75,000 common shares to the LLC.”
About these disturbing new findings, Trump’s Senior Communications Advisor Jason Miller said, The disclosure that Clinton Chair John Podesta transferred his shares in Putin-backed Joule Unlimited to an anonymous holding company when he joined the Obama Administration is extremely concerning.
Because the holding company is completely anonymous, we do not know whether or not he still has deep financial ties to Vladimir Putin and his regime,” Miller added.

Conveniently, Podesta failed to disclose his position with Joule Unlimited, as required by law.

Yet he was vocal in his insistence that Trump had shady connections with Putin. And the water-carriers in the media refused to report on this actual proof of connection, all because it would damage their fragile, anti-Trump narrative.

This is just another nail in the coffin of “journalism.” The “profession” should change its name to what it actually is, left-wing activism.

This kind of information is treasonously kept from the public, while they peddle lies and half-truths.

But there will always be those that are willing to reveal the truth, no matter what. Which is precisely why in the end, they’ll be the losers of this little game.

Source: Conservative Post